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Sneak peek of…something

So I’ve been playing around in Sims 4 Studio, starting with some basic item/CAS recolours:

And of course, what better way to start than shoving Star Wars at people

I’ll try to make some various fandom CC, because let’s face it, many of us want our sims express their own love for our favourite fandoms too!

Life Updates

An update


Yes, I am indeed still alive.

As for why I’ve seemingly disappeared off the face of the planet: I’m simply just busy.

Just really, really busy.

And apart from being swamped with personal stuff I need to sort out ,because I’m a wreck of a hoarder trying to get her s*** together, we also have a new member in the family!

Say hello to Chewbacca, or Chewie for short.

Calling him ‘Bacca’ gets hilariously cute glares, so we’re convinced that he knows that baka (ばか) means ‘stupid’ or ‘fool’ in Japanese.

Also because literally everyone was hassling us to send them pictures he’s now on Instagram, so if you like pictures of puppies and cuteness in general go and follow him @chewie_but_not_a_wookie


My Pokésona redesign!

So I finally went and redrew my pokésona after I decided to redesign her last year (and after Mystera on Pokéfarm Q made my this absolutely gorgeous sprite for me)


But, wait…I hear some of you asking: “Lindi, what on this green earth is a pokésona supposed to be?”

Well simply put, it’s a combination of “pokémon” and “persona“…my pokémon self. How I’d envision myself if I were a pokémon. 

My pokésona is a Gardevoir that dresses up as a Mismagius:


As to why I chose Gardevoir and Mismagius:

I resonate with Gardevoir the most as it’s basically a psychic fairy knight most know for it’s empathy…and it’s also capable of learning to teleport before evolving (I’m sure most of you who know me personally understand exactly why this this is so relatable)

I also relate to Mismagius because it’s a mischievous ghost who’s most known for scaring people just because they find it funny, and appears where you’d least expect it (sound familiar?)




Buildings/Lots, Sims

New Sims build

Done with the new house! Sorry it took so long…

The unfurnished version is available on the gallery, I’ll upload the furnished version as soon as I complete it. Furnished version is now also available


In the mean time, I started using Sims 4 Studio, and also managed to get a hold of some of CmarNYC’s amazing utilities like her Skininator and MorphMaker, so we’ll see if I manage to make anything cool soon!

Buildings/Lots, Sims, Sims stuff, WIP

A small sneak peek

Started building a new house, this time taking some inspiration from an actual floorplan.

The book I’m using is called “The Complete book of Home Planning in South Africa” by Peter Joyce, Jacqueline Hartdegen and Paddy Hartdegen. Really awesome book, which I started studying since before I could even read (and one of the main reasons I started building in the Sims in the first place)

Households/Families, Sims


After building some stuff yesterday, I found the only way to get really nice screenshots of the interior of the houses is to either use the cinematic camera, first person mode or use the ingame photography skill. All of these require me to be in Live Mode with a Sim, so guess I’m going have my Simself hang around the neigbourhood in order to take pictures of all the houses.


Yeah. I have a simself. I’m that sort of person.


(BTW, she’s also available on the gallery if ya’ll want to play as me. Though, why you’d actually do that, I have no idea. But whatever. Enjoy.)